Window blobs

Form the inside of a de-iced plane, it looks like they poured clear syrup all over it. Or so I was reminded when waiting to take off from O’Hare on Saturday night after a snowstorm. What I found, when I tried to shoot pictures through this rippled ooze, was some fun photographic effects. The shot above is one example among many.

Lights outside were optically exploded into large spongy-looking blobs that resembled models of the universe, cooled meteorites, series of vertebrae, asteroids from old video games…

Anyway, I shot a lot of them.

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5 Responses to Window blobs

  1. Man Utd Fan says:

    Nice pictures. That looks really cool.

  2. RBM says:

    ‘url is not valid’ was returned on several links in the post.

    De-icing recipes used to include Glycol in the fluid mixture. That was so in ’82, at least, when I did the electrical work in the manufacturing of De-icing trucks.

    *Fun with Chemistry !!*

    At one point, a grade A 3/8 inch steel bolt was suspended on a string in a bucket of Glycol. Over time the bolt was reduced to nothing.


  3. Doc Searls says:

    Bad html. Fixed it, but also took out a link or two, because I couldn’t verify them with Flickr havig “hiccups”.

    Seems that various glycols are still in use, fwiw.

    In this case they first used hot water, then the green stuff.

  4. Chip says:

    Takes me back to “light shows” in the 70’s (VBG)


  5. Doc Searls says:

    Yeah, Chip. Took me back too. I gave some of my hearing to those shows. Probably some neurons too.

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