Looking over Atlanta

The Bank of America and Sun Trust buildings, both called \

Last week I got some nice aerial photos of Atlanta and its surroundings, shooting from a restaurant rather than a plane. Most of the ones in the set above were taken from the revolving Sun Dial restaurant atop the 73-story Westin Peachtree hotel where I stayed. Some were taken from my room on the 54th floor. Above are the Bank of America and Sun Trust buildings, both called “Plazas” — as is the Westin Peachtree, atop which I took this shot.

Here are some shots of a storm as well, shot from a suite on the 67th floor. One sample:

On the left is 191 Peachtree. On the right is the Georgia Pacific building. While there I marveled at the storm coverage on TV. I might put up some of that later.

There was a tornado warning in the midst of all that. This mattered to our hotel, because one last March hit the hotel directly and took out many windows — though no occupants.

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4 Responses to Looking over Atlanta

  1. John says:


    The storm “shot from a suite on the 67th floor.” is EXCELLENT !

  2. Doc Searls says:

    Thanks, John. Thanks also to all the PRX folks who let me turn off the lights in the suite so I wouldn’t get reflections off the window during shots that ran up to 30 seconds. My only regret is that the lightning didn’t cooperate, flickering only when my long shots weren’t going on.

  3. Sebastien says:

    Great pic with the storm in the background. Reminds me of the movie Independance day!

  4. Nice storm photo. I don’t know how widely distributed the photos from the F4 tornado that went through downtown last year were.

    I haven’t been in the Westin since the storm, but it’s still got tons of plywood covering glass blown out. The Westin is the center building in the group of 3 near the center of this photo taken during the tornado.


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