Blowing up radio. In a good way.

If you’re interested in music, or in radio — especially if you’re interested in both — listen (or watch) in on Tim Westergren’s talk, going on right now. Tim founded Pandora, and is its Chief Strategist. My notes…

“We want to fix radio. And we want to fix it globally. And do it for musicians as well as listeners.”

What they’re doing is heroic, actually.

Tim just talked about Pandora’s brief experience with a subscription model. They let you listen for awhile and then began to charge — and found out listeners would find workarounds to stay in the free zone. “Systemic dishonesty”, he called it. This makes me think that VRM is systemic honesty.

“There is going to be a flight to quality,” Tim just said. Good line.

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  1. Jim Kloss says:

    Yes, and small, grassroots, all-volunteer, non-hyped webcasts like Whole Wheat Radio (yeah Doc – remember us – we’re *still* here after 6+ years and now are a completely wiki-run collaborative site complete with house concerts and free event space for the local Talkeetna community) continue to fight for a simple piece of the “notable” pie…

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