Markets under reconstruction

Here’s my report (with links to as much as I could gather in a short time) on the VRM Workshop, over at the ProjectVRM blog.

It was an outstanding event. Lots of projects and subjects were not only vetted with the whole group, but moved forward very effectively. Thanks to everybody who came, or participated over the Web.

And thanks to the Berkman Center for hosting the event, and to Harvard Law School for providing excellent facilities. Well done.

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  1. Alicia Wu says:

    Doc, thank you for organizing the workshop. It was a very educational experience and I’ve been truly inspired by the work that all of you are doing around VRM. I’ll be doing more research around VRM and how it can completement CRM to enhance the relationship and value for both vendors and users (enterprise or consumer). I look forward to hear your comments in my future blogs around this topic.

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