Comcasting for clues

This isn’t pretty. On the other hand, Comcast also says it is increasing upstream speeds. Taking advantage of DOCSIS 3.0. Appears to have promise.

Anybody have any thoughts about that? Experiences? I’ve had zero with them, but I know a lot of the rest of ya’ll have. Just wondering.

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  1. I’ve been reaching out to customers who have twittered or blogged about running into bandwidth issues. It feels like most didn’t realize that they had byte gobbling stuff running in the background.. or they had un-secured access points that neighbors were using.

    While no official announcements have been made about bandwidth limits at Comcast, Dan Frommer’s post reminded me of the sheer volume of things we can do with a broadband connection even at 250 gigs per month.

    Whatever line may be drawn in the sand, my sense is that it will ultimately be a moving target. Think of how our throughput has increased continually over the last three years. As demand for interactive services continues to grow, most ISPs will respond.

    Got Concerns? The local teams are your first best resource, but if the chain of command isn’t working, you can write to or twitter Frank Eliason @comcastcares.

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