It’s gonna be interesting

Lakoff hits it out of the park is Dave‘s latest, and has a podcast that’s required listening. George Lakoff is the best thinker and scientist that the Democrats have right now — or ever. He has been ever since ’96, when he came out with Moral Politics: What Conservatives Know that Liberals Don’t (later subtitled How Liberals and Conservatives Think). Even if you don’t swing with George’s politics, or his conclusions, his thinking is lucid and provocative, and good for your mind. It is also extraordinarily useful to the Obama campaign at this piont in time. I hope somebody there is listening.

That said, it was interesting to find, when I spoke today to women I know, that so many of them went Yessss to Hillary’s victories yesterday. On the basis of that too-small sample — and what they told me — I draw the provisional conclusion that Hillary’s appeal is broader than Obama partisans have been willing to face. And that, if Obama doesn’t take George’s advice, he’ll be Hillary’s VP candidate.

After that, McCain wins anyway.

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  1. PC Acosta says:

    Keep taking those small informal polls and as the weeks go by, you’ll have a true sense of who the nominee will be. Senator McCain will not win in November. The country is heart-sick of the war in Iraq and folks understand that the election in November is the way to change that. And all the swift boating and fear mongering that billions can buy won’t change that fact.

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