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The personal platform

It’s a huge stretch to think about society, and about business, from the perspective of the independently empowered individual. In business, and even in government, we are so accustomed to thinking about people as dependents, and to seeing their abilities … Continue reading

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Snow ‘nuf

The link behind that picture leads to a small set of shots I took with my new little inexpensive Canon pocket camera (with a name like a license plate, so I don’t remember it). Takes some getting used to, but … Continue reading

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Stories vs. Facts

That headline is the one I was going to use at first when I wrote Journalism in a world of open code and open self-education, over in Linux Journal. It’s a thinky piece, but that’s what can happen when journalists … Continue reading

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Life Imitates Onion

Or, Times Imitates Onion. Or so I thought when I saw the headline, Slashdot Founder Questions Crowd’s Wisdom. It’s great PR for Times sez, The new site, which is currently in testing mode, is clearly aimed at taking some … Continue reading

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Modeling conferences

In asking Are Journalism Conferences Worth It? Lisa Williams offers Bloggercon, Gnomedex and Blogher as examples of success. (I agree.) Of course she could have said “Are _________ Conferences Worth It?” without singling out journalism. But since we’re there, lets. … Continue reading

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When “bottom-up” means “pants down”

That headline just fell out of a conversation between Dr. Weinberger and myself as way of characterizing astroturf — fake grass-roots — campaigns.

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Conversation convocation

I’ll be at There’s a New Conversation, in New York, on the evening afternoon of Feb 13. Subtitled, Cluetrain Manifesto – 10 years later. Numbers aren’t really ages, of course. While Cluetrain hit the webwaves in early ’99 and the … Continue reading

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It, and who else?

Bill Clinton: ‘Screw It, I’m Running For President’. Bonus link.

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And at zero, the pay can be better

Andrew Sullivan on book writing vs. blogging:   I have to say that producing a book – I have four under my belt if you count my dissertation – is a draining, soul-sapping catharsis. Part of the strain is working … Continue reading

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And the linkwalls come tumbling down

Nice to learn via Virginia Postrel that The Atlantic‘s archives are now open and linkable, liberated from incarceration behind the paywalls that were fashionable at major magazines until too many of their writers also became bloggers (or already were), and … Continue reading

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