New found ice

Speaking of ice and snow, that picture above is one in a series of shots I took out the window of the galley in the 777 yesterday as it passed into Canadian airspace after hours crossing nothing but the vast North Atlantic. This is the Labrador coastof the province now known as Newfoundland and Labrador. The patterns made by the icy water flowing past small islands along the coast was beautiful and fascinating. Look here and here to see the larger scope, and how some play between moving seas and moving winds creates these broad flow patterns that almost appear to have been made by a rake or a broom.

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2 Responses to New found ice

  1. AKA the Labrador part of Newfoundland & Labrador…

    Great photos, btw.

  2. Doc Searls says:

    Thanks, Christopher. I just made a correction this morning.

    Learning about what I’m seeing is a big part of why I shoot so much of the world sliding below the wings of planes. Thanks for helping with that.

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