Watch your money

From TechRepublican:

  Ron Paul’s supporters have provided a measure of radical transparency into his fundraising that would make most political operatives suffer heart failure. Going well beyond the now-passe end-of-quarter fundraising “bat,” the Paul campaign has set a public goal of $12 million raised for the quarter, posting their current total live on the homepage and including the names and hometowns of donors. If a donation comes in while you’re on the site, you’ll see it update live.
  As if this weren’t bold enough, has taken it a step further. Using the live data feed that powers the graphic, the site publishes an impressive array of analytics including a minute-by-minute view of donations and projected totals for the month and quarter.
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4 Responses to Watch your money

  1. I love this new blog, Doc. I really prefer to have the ability to post comments appended to a specific post, rather than shifting over to a discussion forum like many online newspapers and magazines do.

    I’ll be so glad when we get rid of all politicians and operate in some form of direct democracy via computers.

    They all seem to clamor for the destruction of USA national sovereignty in favor of the stupid North American Union and the Amero as the new currency.

    To me, they’re all Larry Craigs and Dick Cheneys, though I do like most of Ron Paul’s ideas, as I am a radical pacifist, based on Sermon on the Mount and Buddhist teachings.

  2. “I Was Scammed 37 Times” is the first Google ad I saw under the Ron Paul Graphs.

    This is why one must never use any text ads, context ads, or Google ads in a web site.


  3. Doc Searls says:

    Hey, Steven.

    The new blog is just the old blog with a new URL and a new platform: WordPress. We couldn’t do the per-post thing with the old one, alas. There are still features about it I miss, though.

  4. Just checked out….. pretty amazing stuff!

    Thanks for sharing…

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