It’s really cool and all that all these people are my friends…

… and want to play and stuff.

But it’s too much. And it all happens in the Facebook clubhouse. I kinda like my social networks to happen in the wide open marketspaces.

No ‘fence.

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  1. LOL

    Doubter myself, but did note that MuSoft got interested just after I signed up (G)

    I’d post mine, but not sure how
    Maybe this?
    And already lost my password …

    Guess I’m too old for this one (G)
    Off to look for that tray of punchcards …


  2. You mean, in the wide open where there is no fence? 😉

  3. The ol’ Gene Autry lyric “don’t fence me in…”

  4. Double meaning, Robert, combining “No offence” (by the British spelling of what Americans call “offense”) and, as JTH said, an interest in not being fenced in.

  5. I had to put a note on my 11 year old daughter’s wall that I loved her but I just didn’t have time to be a pirate with her. Or figure out which Harry Potter character I am. Or feed her dragon. Or compare movie stars with her.

    I’m figuring this will lead to some form of blame later on in her life…my mom didn’t love me enough – she wouldn’t accept any of my facebook app invitations etc etc etc.

    It’s only digitally down hill from here…..

  6. Sharon Scanlin Avatar
    Sharon Scanlin

    I fear that I’m just too old to go back to this junior high school format for socializing. The fact that I found this blog by googling “inyourfacebook” makes me laugh, albeit wistfully. Life without some of the people from my past who found me on facebook was just fine. Somethings are left behind for good reason. I want to go back to the old face-to-face method myself.

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