A post for the road

On valuing freedom more than cushy jail cells is my latest at Linux Journal: a last post before hitting the road from Santa Barbara, California to Cambridge, Massachusetts. The post is an example of teaching best what we most need to learn, I guess.

In any case, I’ve gotten a few lessons on lock-in through the last few days. Thought I’d pass some on.

We leave in about ten minutes. See ya down the road.

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4 Responses to A post for the road

  1. dodz says:

    I know this seems a silly thing to say, but I never knew there was a place called Cambridge in the US, that’s the name of one of England’s major universities. 😀

  2. apsr says:

    I am curious, your blog Name Why can three characters? My 4 characters.I want to know .lol~~~

  3. Doc Searls says:

    Not sure, apsr. I’ll ask when I get there in a few days.

  4. Rainer says:

    Nowadays the customers go for the cheapest, that’s why manufactures try to “jail” them. If I had told you that your VW Passat costs a hundred thousand dollars on our sales talk – you wouldn’t buy – even if I promise you, that your replacement key will be for free 🙂

    I have some doubts that linux & net will change the economy – someone always has to pay for work (or no one will work). I agree that there will be a “shift”. Software will be for free, but services will be more expensive than ever (look at IBM’s business model) – and than your even more deep back in jail (look at MS business model)?

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