Tripping the fantastic light

One of my biggest rarely-fulfilled fantasies is visiting amazing places I’ve seen from the sky. Starting this Saturday we may do some of that. Or maybe not. Depends on how much we hurry on our road trip from Santa Barbara, California to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where we plan on living for the next year.

(No, we’re not moving there. We are committed Santa Barbarians, and we just moved into our new house here a few months ago. But in order to make the most of my Berkman fellowship, and to step on the gas for ProjectVRM, I need to be there. It should also help my Linux Journal work to be in the company of many talented geeks as well.)

Anyway, as it happened my last flight back from Boston vectored south, across Tulsa, and followed Interstate 40 through the Texas panhandle, across Albequerque, the Painted Desert of Arizona and the volcano-dotted deserts of Southern California on the way into Los Angeles.

I shot a lot of that from the air, as you can see in the photosets behind the pictures in this post. If we take I-40 it’ll be interesting to see how some of the same places look from the ground.

Anyway, in the meantime I’m spending most of my time packing and trying not to drop too many balls on the floor. So expect continued light blogging.

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3 Responses to Tripping the fantastic light

  1. JTH (Chip) says:

    Monument Valley (still on my “to do” list)

    Once upon a time … Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo
    Caddys buried to the cowl’s in a field (also in the hills in Movie “Cars”)

    Road Trip … enjoy

  2. lakelady says:

    I drive cross country twice a year, CA to MI. This fall I’ll be taking the southern route since I won’t start until mid October (MI to St Louise, Okalahoma City, panhandle etc). Hope you post tidbits from the journey. And I thought you might also be interested that the RandMcNally website has great roadtrip tools. It’s what I use every year. Lots for free and even more for a very reasonable fee (somewhere around $30 I think). When does the journey begin?

  3. Tim Walker says:

    Doc — If you care to have dining recommendations for Amarillo, drop me a line — my wife folks live there and can recommend something close to I-40.

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