Zaca Fire visuals

Friends have been turning me on to Zaca Fire perimeter pictures. Here’s one:

GeoMac is another.

This too.

That’s in additon to news such as this and this and this.

Ray Ford at the Independent added this, with lots of maps and detailed coverage.

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  1. at the risk of diving into none-of-my-business territory, i have to say: you have to do something about this colour scheme. i suspect you may be irritated with me for other reasons, but please don’t factor that in when considering my point. i even prefer the old graphics, which my (french non internet-interested) husband refers to as “that colonel sanders’ design”. (he would be very “hungry” if he knew i told you this.)

    and while we’re at it, not for the first time i have wondered: geez? could doc be some kind of fire-bug? but that probably says more about me than you. i watch a lot of channel me. and house.

  2. When I get a chance, which will be either next week or next month, I’ll work on getting the Colonel Sanders banner over here, perhaps with Harvard colors or something. More important than that, for me, is larger type. I hate the tiny-type fashion that prevails with most theme designers.

    Meanwhile, take a look at these WordPress themes and advise me on selecting one, at least temporarily.

    The firebug question is a legitimate one. It can be answered by my lifelong disinterest in the subject outside of times when places I know are being burned to the ground.

  3. larger type! larger type! and actual black type, vs. the dark gray that this template appears to be in (but that may be a function of the thinness of the letter forms).

  4. Yep, Liz, I like black type too. In fact i thought this was black. In any case, we’ll work on it.

  5. Okay, retyping after losing all the post by accidentally hitting the Esc key (Damn, who ever thought that was a good idea?):

    On the text size problem:

    If you use Internet Explorer, you might find what I do helpful. Go to the Tools menu, select Internet Options, click the Accessibility button (lower right), click in the check boxes labeled “Ignore font styles specified on Web pages” and “Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages” to turn on the selections, click OK twice to close the dialogs. If the text still isn’t a suitable size, go to the View menu, select Text size, and pick another size — Larger seems to be the best for me. (Note that this text size adjustment does have some small effect before you tell it to ignore the size specified on the web page, but has a much larger effect after you tell it to ignore the size specified on the web page.)

    I do all my browsing with these settings. Once in a while, I’ll come across a page that isn’t quite usable and have to temporarily switch the setting back to letting it pay attention to the fonts and sizes specified on the web page, but that doesn’t happen very often for me. (The problem usually is text hidden by something overlaying it, I assume because someone specifically placed some items at absolute coordinates on the page assuming the font size he specified.)

    I suppose other browsers have some comparable options for overriding the fonts and sizes for accessibility, but I haven’t gone looking at other browsers.

    As long as I’m offering some tips to help readability, another thing I find very useful is the Clarify button:

    It installs a button into your Internet Explorer toolbar. If you click on this button, the web page currently displayed is changed into simple black text on white background. Very helpful when trying to read certain web pages that are designed for some arty effect rather than to be read, and for those pages whose designers think that low-contrast (grey type on grey background), or red text on black background, or other unreadable combinations, are clever.

  6. hi doc,
    i also have been acused of being over zealous about my concern for the fire- i have a Ph.D and am pretty hard to rile up. however, i live on the riviera in sb and i am pretty amazed at the denial the citizens of sb and montecito are in concerning the real potential for an evacuation.

    Not to mention, what an evacuation would look like on the 101 here. anyway, hope the firefighters get mother nature’s help to turn it away otherwise i personally think that this fire exceeds this community’s personal experiences and will take a rain storm to redirect.
    best, angela

  7. Angela,

    The Las Alturas end or the Riviera burned in the Sycamore fire of 1977. That’s too long ago for many to remember, but they should.

    And you’re right about 101. Evacuating Santa Barbara is likely to be extremely difficult if a fire moves quickly into the town. One might be better off just getting a tent and camping on the beach.

  8. Interesting argument!

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