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The untold pirate radio story in New York

[Update, 4 June 2016—I’m attempting to listen right now to WFAN/101.9 and it’s obliterated by signals flanking it on 101.7 and 102.1. Maybe my tweet about it here will finally get some journalists interested in the topic.] The radio dial … Continue reading

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LeBron is the true MVP

Here’s the best way to determine a most valuable player on any team: look at how the team would have done without him, or her. In the case of the NBA, look at Cleveland and Miami with and without LeBron … Continue reading

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Rooting for LeBron, Steph, great team ball, and seven games

If you care about sports at all, you need to see the NBA Finals this year. What you will see are the two best players, on the two best teams — perhaps ever. We’re not talking just about talent here. We’re … Continue reading

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The Giant Zero

Many years ago, Craig Burton shared the best metaphor for the Internet that I have ever heard, or seen in my head. He called it hollow sphere: a giant three-dimensional zero. He called it that because a sphere’s geometry best … Continue reading

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