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Liveblogging roundup

I’ve also been liveblogging here. Particulars: May 29-31 (today) May 28 May 22 Be sure to use the Expand All button. HT to Dave.

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We can all make TV. Now what?

Look where Meerkat and Periscope point. I mean, historically. They vector toward a future where anybody anywhere can send live video out to the glowing rectangles of the world. If you’ve looked at the output of either, several things become clear … Continue reading

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Dear Magazines: please quit screwing loyal subscribers

When my main credit card got yanked for some kind of fraud activity earlier this month (as it seems all of them do, sooner or later) I had the unpleasant task of going back over my bills to see what … Continue reading

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Live blogging

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I’ve been quiet here for a bit. One reason is that I’ve been traveling almost constantly, and not always in the best position to blog (or even tweet). Another is that I’ve been liveblogging instead. So … Continue reading

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Mercy for the bereaved

I didn’t know Dave Goldberg, but I can’t count all the friends and relatives who were close to him. By all their accounts, he was a brilliant and wonderful guy, much loved and respected by everybody who knew and worked with him. Along … Continue reading

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