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Sell the news, give away the olds

We decided this year to zero-base all our subscriptions to print publications. The reasoning: since most pubs give the best deals to new or slow-to-return readers, wait to see how far down they push the price, and in the meantime … Continue reading

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Facebook + WhatsApp means it’s time to double down on new investments

Over on the ProjectVRM blog I make a long-form case for why Facebook buying WhatsApp for $19 billion dollars in cash and stock is a Good Thing for VRM. Here I’ll make the case for why it should uncork a fresh wave of investment in start-ups and innovation … Continue reading

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Short Attention Spasm Theater

This post is a hat tip toward Rusty Foster’s Today In Tabs, which I learned about from Clay Shirky during a digressive conversation about the subscription economy (the paid one, not the one Rusty and other free spirits operate in), and how lately … Continue reading

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Weekend Linkings

Photography Stephen Lewis in Bubkes: A Tale of Urban Expansion: Late-19th-Century “Çarʂı” Row Houses, Functional Integration, Street-Life, and Class Mobility. ” The downtown end of Pirotska eventually was lined with European-style apartment houses.  At the Üç Bunar end of Pirotska an … Continue reading

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You can’t sled on slush

I grew up on Woodland Avenue in Maywood, New Jersey, a few miles west of where I am now in New York City. The street was unremarkable, except when it snowed. Then the town would often block it off, so … Continue reading

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A call for personal tool making at the Legal Hackathon

— is happening this weekend in New York, San Francisco and elsewhere. Read all about it here, here and here. I’ll be there to help start things off, at 10am tomorrow. (Registration starts at 9am.) My job on the opening … Continue reading

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Funny: Reverse vigilantism sweeps London, violent crime plummets Media company lays off dozens of unskilled bloggers Audio +/vs. Video Is this thing on? Why audio never goes viral. By Stan Alcorn in Digg. Pandora faces FCC setback in bid for … Continue reading

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