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  • The low road to a stack of needles. By Dan Blum. His bottom lines: “But if more and more users go underground, the trend will feed on itself as the market for successor services to Lavabit and Silent Circle grows and their functionality improves. Law enforcement will no longer be able to find the needles in the haystack because more of the haystack will be a stack of needles. And then we’ll see the old debates of PGP, encryption escrow and the Clipper chip reprised – this time with a much more powerful national security establishment at the helm and significantly more real threats on the horizon. It could end up being the law of the jungle on the Internet…”
  • That cookie-killing student? An ad agency just hired her. By Kate Kaye in AdAge.

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  1. About the low road and surveillance, it may depend on whether one believes security threats trump everything. Do you want safety, at least perceived, because all communications are monitored, or personal freedom.

    The ironic thing about the law of the jungle on the net is that we criticize authoritarian governments who want to control the net in their country to censor what is said, but the US similarly demands oversight of the net worldwide to collect what is said. It’s about control and there will be some major upheavals ahead.

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