2013_06_08 link pile

The Buccaneer® – The 3D Printer that Everyone can use! gets nearly 8x the $100k it asked for on Kickstarter

When digital marketing gets too creepy, by Michael Schrage in HBR

Why Google Reader died and why mobile and social news is replacing it, by Michael Mayday in iTechNews. It’s about RSS and Digg, actually.

Big Data! No Signal!, by T.Rob. Explains VRM vs. Big Data this way:

  • So to me, VRM is equivalent to giving up calculating your gas mileage using log books and receipts and instead using tools that measure the desired number directly, in real time, using much better quality source data. In data terms it is about providing vastly stronger signal, greatly reduced noise, or both, thus enabling useful outcomes from sample sizes of as little as one person. Thanks to Personal Clouds, VRM breaks the privacy barrier to allow correlation across data categories that have traditionally been isolated silos, and this will usher in a new era of smart commerce on the consumer side of the economy. Vendors and merchants who respect their customers and have earned our trust can participate in that new data economy. Not by surreptitiously gathering up all our data and correlating it, but rather by supplying tools that run in personal clouds and that provide compelling functionality, an opt-in ability to feed some of that data back to you, and transparency about the whole arrangement. For that you get much better quality of data in near real time. For that you get Big Signal.

Ordering Pizza, a video by the ACLU

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