2013_06_03 link pile

Personal cloud innovation happens at the edges, by Jeff Kramer

Gartner Says the Personal Cloud Will Replace the Personal Computer as the Center of Users’ Digital Lives by 2014. A bit aggressive. From March 2012.

Photos of Florence, shot from about 25,000 feet up, en route from Newark to Rome via Munich

Innovations in Digital and Mobile Marketing, in HBR. I’m writing a piece for this collection.

Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet: Good, Bad or Somewhere In-Between? by Marisa Wong

The geography of tweets. More along those lines from Mashable.

#sotn (State of the Net) tweets

Anonymous crowd-funds a news site

Why Big Data Is Not Truth, by Quintin Hardy in the New York Times.

Disruptions: The Echo Chamber of Silicon Valley, by Nick Bilton in the New York Times.

McKinsey: The $33 Trillion Technology Payoff, by Steve Lohr in the New York Times.

3rd International Summit on the Future of Health Privacy: The Value of Health Data vs. Privacy — How can the Conflict Be Resolved? I’ll be on a panel moderated by Natasha Singer of the New York Times. Bonus linkage: The Health Care Blog, and Adrian Gropper.

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  1. Jeff Kramer says:

    Thanks for the link mention Doc! I’d love to hear what you think about my post. I think we might have a mutual friend in Jon Lebkowsky, he and I ran a Polycot, a web development business together for 10 years before I joined HP Cloud.

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