Portraits of New York from altitude

On my way back from SXSW a couple weeks ago, I got some terrific shots of many things, including portions of Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky (including mountaintop mining), Virginia, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Trenton and Providence.

Most of those aren’t uploaded yet, but I just put up the best of the bunch: this series of New York, with adjacent parts of New Jersey. The day wasn’t quite as clear as the pictures suggest, so I enhanced them a bit. But I love the detailed view they provide of what the David Letterman Show calls “the greatest city in the world.” It will always be home for me. Even though I’m from the Jersey side of “the rivva,” I was born, and grew up, closer to midtown than parts of all the other boroughs.

4 responses to “Portraits of New York from altitude”

  1. There’s something quite amazing about this shot above… and it is how the perspective changes a lot. Seen from the ground, we always assume New York to be about tall buildings but your camera clearly shows that downtown and midtown have substantially more skyscrapers, with larger parts of town dealing with smaller buildings.

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  3. Aeriel photo really amaze me. Just feels very surreal every time i look at them. Very nice photos, and very clear with the enhancement. I like these alot!

  4. Its beautiful, New York is best place on earth and watching these amazing photos is really great. Share more of these photos.

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