What’s popular vs. What’s used

In terms of sales, Android is tops in smarphones. According to this ComScore press release, Google had a 46.3% market share of U.S. smartphone platform sales (with Android) in October, up 4.4% from July. At 28.1%, Apple’s iOS share was up 1%. Apple’s share of total subscribers was 10.8%, up 1% from July.

Yet when you take a look at this graphic from Flickr

… usage seems to be another matter.

Far as I know, there is nothing about Flickr that discriminates against non-iOS smartphones. But that graphic squares with something I’ve heard from develpers: that the same apps on Android and iOS tend to get used more on iOS.

I don’t say that to advocate Apple. In fact, I’d much rather advocate Android — or any open platform. Just saying it’s interesting.

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9 Responses to What’s popular vs. What’s used

  1. tom brander says:

    Well,, Androids are more integrated with Picassa/Google as a general rule…

  2. Doc Searls says:

    Good point, Tom. Does Picassa expose their stats in a similar way?

  3. jeff clark says:

    Having both a Droid X and an iPhone 3Gs, I have to agree with Tom. When I was using my iPhone as a camera, I did post a lot of pictures to Flckr, but as I used my Droid more and more (its my go to phone now), those pictures are up on Google+ (instant upload is the main reason).

    Another reason for more iPhone photos on Flckr is the camera is generally better on the iPhones, and therefore more reason to share.

    Probably the best source for a true “picture” of camera phone usage would be on Facebook as its independent from Google and Apple and after all, its the largest photo sharing site around.

  4. inteligator says:

    To my knowledge, Picassa doesn’t. But I also thought that Flickr discriminated against non-iOS phones so I could be terribly wrong.

  5. Rod K says:

    I wondered about that graph too. This might be more accurate, or not:

    All cameras sorted by popularity. It would seem the Android variations seem to be popular.


  6. Android has more of the market than Apple, but Apple’s total share is divided between 4 current iOS camera phone models, while there are more than 100 current Android camera phones in use.

    I ignored all phones older than 2010 in this list – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Android_devices

    If Flickr listed by platform, I’m willing to bet generic android would be very close to generic iOS.

  7. Cathy says:

    I think short term variations will be overcome by the dominance of Apple’s hardware/software environment vs. the long term superiority of how the company interlinks form and function. It also makes sense that Apple’s customers appreciate form and function, so they will be more inclined to use apps that play to this audience, such as those that support the photo space. Taken together, Apples potential chokehold on mobile/mutli device, and the nature of their users, point toward a needed bias toward Apple. Never count Google out, but their revenue model will have to change as this trend continues, and the PC dominated search declines in favor of Apples dominance in mobile.

  8. rolf says:

    in addition to the comment above about ease of publishing to picasa from android phones:
    it may also played a role that at the release of the first version of the iphone flickr was much more popular then now. also, as a android tablet user i know that for flickr not really good apps are available. for iOS, lots of great apps for easy publishing are available. on android, i stick to the e-mail publishing function.

  9. Rachel Shapiro says:

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