Turning the Tracking Tables

‘s @WhatTheyKnow tweet stream is still going strong, but we haven’t seen anything new in the series since Google Agonizes on Privacy as Ad World Vaults Ahead, on August 10. That was “fifth in a series” that had many more than five items in it. Dunno whassup with that, but my favorite follow-ups so far are from Don Marti, whose two posts on the matter are Framing discussions of web privacy and Privacy tweaks for browsers? Both put the onus on the user, rather than the websites.

Interesting angle. Go dig it.

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  1. NaeNilsit says:

    Companies that stand to profit nicely from the newest tracking technologies might not want to think about the possibility that a civil or criminal legal case will someday force disclosure to the court of personal data that was purported to be not personally identifying. Even if the court were to keep some or all of the personal data under wraps, the establishment and reportage of the fact that personal identification is possible more so than is expressly stated in privacy statements could lead to a bruising credibility tumble.

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