Hanging with Haiti

I posted a lot today, but nothing matters more — or has been more on the front of my mind — than Haiti. What hell that such an already troubled country should be hit by an earthquake so bad, and so close to its most dense population centers.

So, as I try to get my head around the situation, here’s a list of links, in the order that I visit them:

I’ll add more as time goes on.

Also please read the comments below. The three (so far) from Andrew Leyden are excellent.

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  1. You can track incoming rescue flights to Port Au Prince via the Flighttrackers here:


    You’ll see the Fairfax VA search and rescue team coming in on the flight from Dulles, and there is even a rescue mission from Iceland via way of Boston. Many other smaller planes took off from Miami on missions today as well.

  2. Oh, and this one:


    A DC-3 from a missionary group in Florida. That plane is still making a difference.

  3. Maybe I should just write one comment offline instead of posting as I go. Oh well.

    Interesting bit here from the Military Communications Blog (i.e. the blog you go to to find out what is really going on in the world)


    Heavy activity on Coast Guard frequencies, to be expected.

    Also some interesting posts here about ham traffic and other emergency comms coming out of Haiti being monitored by listening posts in Florida. Some have set up online streams so you can listen in yourself


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  5. The MilCom bloggers are really over this one. Here is a great transcript of the monitoring they got from last night from one of their monitors in South Carolina.



    Just to give you a taste (the full post is much more extensive):

    1940Z 9007.0 CANFORCE 2343 p/p via TRENTON MILITARY to WING OPS. WING OPS passes 1345Z overhead damage assessment of Port-au-Prince. E/O imagery shows no structural damage to airfield or terminal. Electrical equipment not working. E/O imagery shows little to no damage to port facility. WING OPS estimates 10 aircraft en route with the same ETA. CANFORCE 2343 gets WX for Port-au-Prince, Homestead, Providenciales Airport, and Jags McCartney IAP

    2024Z 9007.0 CANFORCE 2343 p/p via TRENTON MILITARY to 613-XXX-XXXX for SITREP regarding deployment last night of 2 CH-146s from 430 Squadron at Cold Lake to Haiti. First 2 are yellow and follow on is green. Ground party needs SITREP for fuel and force protection needs

    2223Z 7527.0 CG 1501 (HC-130, CGAS Clearwater) p/p to D7 Miami Ops. Still on deck Port-au-Prince with 40+ PAX on board and still loading. They are bringing PAX in vans at 10-20 at a time. They also report 2 USAF C-130s on deck and a Lynden Air Cargo C-130. Runway lights are working

  6. Some of those links provided have proven to be most valuable, even 2 weeks after the quake. Thank you.

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