Singing of addictions…

Ry Cooder singing “I’m a fool for a cigarette”: 1401 views, 4 ratings.

WritingHanna singing “Coffee Ditty“: 704 views, 101 ratings.

Hannah sounds a lot like Maria Muldaur, no?

4 responses to “Singing of addictions…”

  1. Did you forget Hoyt Axton, Snowblind Friend?

    You say it was this morning when you last saw your good friend
    Lyin’ on the pavement with a misery on his brain
    Stoned on some new potion he found upon the wall
    Of some unholy bathroom in some ungodly hall
    He only had a dollar to live on ’til next Monday
    But he spent it on some comfort for his mind
    Did you say you think he’s blind?

    Someone should call his parents, a sister or a brother
    And they’ll come to take him back home on a bus
    But he’ll always be a problem to his poor and puzzled mother
    Yeah he’ll always be another one of us
    He said he wanted Heaven but prayin’ was too slow
    So he bought a one way ticket on an airline made of snow
    Did you say you saw your good friend flyin’ low?
    Flyin’ low
    Dyin’ slow

  2. Must also not forget John Gorka’s Saint Caffeine:

    I’ve seen the light, oh the light I’ve seen
    I’ve seen the light of St. Caffeine
    Of other drugs I am clean
    I pray to you St. Caffeine

    Yes I am a legal fiend
    It’s my high in the mean routine
    Cola nut or coffee bean
    I pray to you St. Caffeine

    I stayed away as a teen
    When hormones filled up my jeans
    Ever since my sleep got lean
    I took to you St. Caffeine

    You help me through the morning
    Help me into the afternoon
    Being calm is boring
    I’d be snoring without you

    I wear your ring around my cup
    I pour you down, I drink you up
    When I’m running out of steam
    I pray to you St. Caffeine

  3. Ry Cooder is so under rated, that slide tone is amazing!

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