Punching out of connectivity hell

For reasons I don’t have time to trouble-shoot, there is too much latency between my house and Cox, my Internet provider here in Santa Barbara.

On top of that, re-setting my SMTP (outbound email) to smtp.west.cox.net, which has always worked in the past, doesn’t work this time. So mail isn’t going out. I don’t have time to trouble-shoot that either, because I’m already late for the Live Oak Festival, where we already have a tent set up. I’m just back at the house picking up some stuff.

See ya’ll Monday.

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3 Responses to Punching out of connectivity hell

  1. dave taht says:

    Dave Alvin is awesome.

    “There’s a Blue Wing tatooed on his shoulder
    Might have been a bluebird, I don’t know…”

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