Because I don’t have to do SEO! Yay!

This makes me glad I don’t have advertising on this blog.

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3 Responses to Because I don’t have to do SEO! Yay!

  1. SEO says:

    You are in a way lucky that you don’t “have” to do SEO.

    But even if I didn’t “have” to do SEO I think I would. There is something extremely gratifying about getting a site to rise up out of nowhere right onto the first page of Google.

    Did you ever think someone would search “ inanchor:seo” and stumble across your blog post? That’s how I found it.

    But nobody searches that, but me.

    With a little SEO you could have this blog post ranking for “reasons to not have advertising on your blog” and you would have reach a relevant audience who could have benefited from your post.

    A little SEO goes a long way and gratification comes in reaching and helping an interested audience.

  2. Bill Wynne says:

    Now I must say that is the shortest blog post I think I have seen yet. I was actually searching for something similar to SEO and found this blog. I see you are happy for the Google External Keyword tool. This has been a huge help ever since Overture went offline.


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