Starring Southern Utah

In September I took two flights across the country that featured lots of clear views of the sights below. I think I took 700+ pictures on each of them.

I’ve been posting them to Flickr in slow motion, trying to minimize the labors involved in tagging and captioning them. It helps that many of these sights I’ve seen before, so I could just copy and paste from one shot to another.

This set is of Comb Ridge, in southeastern Utah. Other sets I put together, all in Utah and Arizona, are of Goosenecks, Lake Powell and Navajo Mountain.

Funny thing, when I went to look up Navajo Mountain on Wikipedia, I saw that one of the pictures there bore a strong resemblance to one of my own because that’s exactly what it is.

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3 Responses to Starring Southern Utah

  1. Is that a straight line or am I seeing wrong?

  2. Doc Searls says:

    You mean, is Comb Ridge a straight line?

  3. Art Brazee says:

    I have an alert set up for Comb Ridge and thus found you pictures. Good stuff. I will undoubtedly link to you pics when I write about the place. Perhaps, I’ll just put up a post about your pictures. Thanks for putting them up. It is an amazing place to walk in, but the aerial shots almost look fantastical.

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