Spammers du jour

Today I got three attempted spam comments from and one from Jaworski Coatings. I just want to make sure they’re publicly flagged as spammers. (Note: I’m not bothering with others that are purely evil and impossible to shame in any case.)

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  1. Doc you’ve hit upon a problem I found last night, which I wrote up at

    Social networking is good in that you can give someone google juice, whuffie, or whatever… but as I’ve said before, there needs to be a more expressive way of linking to people. More about that here:

    The default of a link as a positive statement of support isn’t expressive enough, and we all suffer for it.

    Expressivity is also an issue with HTML in general… you can’t put notes on top of something… which sucks… but that’s a different aspect of things.


  2. you think that spams a problem how about spam coming form the prestigious harvard lawschool, check this link for proof, its classic cloaking. i would handle this guys.

  3. bisco, I get nothing at that link right now; but I’ve passed your comment along to the appropriate geeks here. Thanks for the heads-up.

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