It isn’t like the bits have rotted

Since CNN bothered to make James Burgett one of its heroes (an honor he richly deserves) why not maintain the video that says so? Why does a video have to “expire”? For that matter why should the rest of the CNN links on that story, other than the one to the ACCRC, go to expired or 404’d CNN locations?

Bulletin to CNN: I’d gladly pay to see that video (or after seeing it). But on my terms, not yours.

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4 Responses to It isn’t like the bits have rotted

  1. Absolutely. Over a long enough period of time this archival content should actually overtake the present content for traffic, especially if the SEO is good. The ads can be dynamically updated. There isn’t a single good reason to retire old content on the web.

  2. I’ve added my DDRM links to the Project VRM website (under ‘interesting links’), since VRM is exactly the same as the ‘customer broker’ developed and coded in the Canadian eduSource project.

  3. James says:

    Not to mention the fact you have to sit through their stupid commercial first to find out it’s gone.

  4. gabriel says:

    I think it is normal thing.If CNN don’t think it is very important for history,CNN will update it .

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