Request for lazyweb help with Gmail

We have a friend over here who is new to chat. So we got her going on Gmail so she can talk with a variety of others with different clients. But her new Gmail account tells her in the chat window that chat is off and that she must sign out and sign back in again to make it work. It doesn’t, and still says the same thing. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Emil Sotirov says:

    Never used Gmail chat… however…

    1. See the links at the bottom of the Gmail screen…

    “Gmail view: standart” (should not be “basic HTML” I guess)
    and… “turn on chat”…

    Also… may be you should have at least one “contact” in order to see the Chat…

    Hope my tips raise above the obvious… sorry if they don’t… 🙂

  2. Claus says:

    From your description there could be a confusion about signing in and out of GMail vs in and out of Google Talk *within* GMail, but I hope it’s nothing that obvious.

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