On the shore, with flowers

Still waiting for Riverbend to show up again.

It’s an old question, not asked recently.

Here’s one. Another. Another. Odd how a blogger with such a high profile, once awol, seems forgotten by all but a few. But not by all.

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  2. DBK says:

    Odder still, to me, is how small her profile remained, given the nature of her postings, their quality, and their relevance.

  3. Doc Searls says:

    DBK, it surprises me too. I think the problem is her silence. Blogging is now. It’s live. Like radio It has archives; but if you’re silent, so is your story.

    She was a reporter on the ground in Baghdad. Now she’s not. Folks move on.

    But some of us still want to hear from her, because we think her voice is important.

    Meanwhile, we wait.

  4. gregory says:

    i loved her so much. and the change of tone over the months i read her … another casualty of bush’s war …

  5. Suzi says:

    I am realizing that this probably doesn’t go with your post…but I was just popping on your website to see how you are feeling these days…I hope your pancreas is quiet and not at all angry. I am hoping that all the pain and problems are just an unpleasant distant memory for you! I scrolled down and read most of July and didn’t catch that you mentioned anything…I am going to take at as good news! Take Care.

  6. Doc Searls says:

    Thanks, Suzi. I’m fine now. Some medical mysteries persist, but they were there before the (unnecessary, it turns out) diagnostic procedure put me in the hospital.

    I’m sure the mysteries will turn out to be nothings. That was the bet of the pancreas specialist we met with today.

    Still, thanks for asking. I’m back in the game, 15 pounds lighter, and feeling pretty good, really.

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