Credits where drew

I find myself among the “top ideators” on this list here. Flattered, but why no links? I can see a lot of names and sites on that page I’d like to follow.

Hey, what’s a hierarchy without links to subvert them?

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  1. John Caddell says:


    I am amazed at how little-used the hyperlink is. My high-school English teacher, Warren Allen Smith, admonished us continually to cite our sources, and the hyperlink is the most efficient, easiest and most direct way to do so (have you searched any book endnotes recently?).

    When I read Tim Berners-Lee’s book, “Weaving the Web,” I was amazed how centrally he viewed the hyperlink as a tool of the web. Still, most people don’t use them enough.

    Just link, everyone!

    regards, John

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