Gap Fire progress shots

I’ve loaded too many pictures onto this blog, so for this round I’m going to just point to shots elsewhere: in this case to a photo set of  maps built with .kml files from the MODIS Active Fire Program and Google Earth.

The latest one, from about 6pm this evening, has fewer active hot spots than the previous one from 4am this morning, or the one before that from yesterday afternoon. Not sure how to interpret that, but whatever. It’s data.

This afternoon we took a walk along the beach, where hundreds of families and other social groups had set up homes and kitchens and play areas along the beach and in the park, in preparation for the fireworks tonight. It’s an annual festival, and a lot of fun. There was hardly a sign of the fire, since the wind was mostly onshore.

But this evening the wind shifted, and now we’re getting orange clouds of low smoke and ash fall.

The fire hasn’t stopped the fireworks though. Going next door now for a party. Watch for pictures of that show too.

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3 Responses to Gap Fire progress shots

  1. Sue Burk says:

    Thanks Doc, for the information. Great links to maps and information.
    You guys look like you were having a great time tonite. Hope you made it over to Jacqui’s, that is sure a great party house.
    I bet you are glad to be home (except for the fires). Hope you are feeling better, being in the hospital is NO fun.

  2. Doc Searls says:

    Thanks, Sue.

    We hit the party, which I believe is still going on now: the next morning. It rocked pretty hard as the night went on. After the fireworks, we stayed up waiting for The Kid to return from his vantage at the beach with friends. Meanwhile sorry we didn’t get more of a chance to visit with you guys at the party. Was pretty crowded there.

    What I’m hoping right now is that the fire will be mostly gone, or at least supressed, by the time I leave on Monday. If not, I’ll just have to keep covering it from the far corner of the country. Life in the vast lane. 🙂

    As for my health, I’m fine. Best of all I’m down 15 pounds since before I went in the hospital. Starving for more than a week, followed by a mandatory low-fat diet, is doing the job. My pants are starting to fall down. Always a good sign.

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