Can’t sleep, so…

I’m watching myself on TV. Actually, on the Web, at the site, where they’ve done a remarkable job of cross cutting between the screen and my balding self.

It’s about making each of us a platform. And, of course, .

Bonus vink on why I don’t like web analytics. For me, anyway. Like judging somebody’s creativity by their shoe size.

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  1. Great quote on webanalytics Doc, it was a fun little talk. Thank you for your time. Offcourse it’s about being for real, being there for your customers, interacting with them, having conversations, helping them. If you do that with whole your heart, you don’t need webanalytics, because you know you are on the right track. Unfortunatly it’s too hard for most managers / bosses to trust their employees that they go for the customers 100% (and in the Netherlands, if you would, you probably work for yourself and not a large company…), so they need statistics to tell them if the customer is satisfied and webanalysts who deliver insights on how to help their customers better online… my 2 cents.

    Anyways.. Sad to read about your hospital trip. Get well soon! I read you heard about Maarten’s hospital trip too… Sad times over here…

  2. Doc Searls says:

    Well, like I said, I think Web Analytics for some things is just fine. I just have a problem with it being applied everywhere — especially to creative efforts, such as blogs and other journals. That’s really what I was referring to with that quote.

  3. CantSleep says:

    I was actually at this seminar and came across this randomly googling “cant sleep” Ironically the same name as my website. Was nice to see it archived and was able to watch it again. Always was able to get a repeat laugh about the kevin spacey story 😉

    Take care!

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