Behind the ate ball

Sooner or later we all have to face the proctologist. My turn is tomorrow. So I’m fasting, sort of. In preparation. Drinking nothing but clear fluids, chased this evening with half a gallon of magnesium citrate. That’s the cocktail I’m having right now at a Starbucks. On ice. Fun.

It’s fairly routine stuff. By coincidence my lower digestive performance has been sub-par since last Wednesday evening, when I got back from Amsterdam. In that time I’ve eaten so little, and so carefully, that I’m sure I’ve knocked off seven pounds already. At least that part’s good.

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  1. Tim says:


  2. Chip says:

    For the “scope”
    I’ve come through clean, but due to family history (grandmother) I’m now on 5yr schedule

    Don’t worry, the pounds come back 🙁

    Trust you come through with flying colors

  3. justcorbly says:

    Hey, good luck! After a successful bout with colon cancer several years ago, I’m on the “every three years” colonoscopy schedule. Not my idea of fun, but there you go. Sure beats the alternative. Last time, due to circumstances, I did it without the sedative. Wasn’t that bad, but it made for dull TV.

    People, especially men, should not avoid tests like these. Discomfort sure beats a long, slow, and painful demise.

  4. Good luck Doc. Take it easy if you can. BTW missed you at the bbq last night 😎

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