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The Future History of Newspages

Papers are endangered. But I’m not sure the same is true about the collection, editing and printing of news. Or of journalism at its best (as well as its worst, which will always abound). Marc (Andreessen, not Canter — from … Continue reading

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The rest, of course, tanked

Editor & Publisher: The San Jose Mercury News, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and the Cincinnati Enquirer all reported nice increases in daily circulation. However…

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Getting back to the high road

Rush Limbaugh drives me nuts, because he’s sometimes at least a little bit right about some things. Of course he’s a shameless partisan hack — yet with just enough humor and warmth that you can’t help but stay tuned. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Indeed we won!

Here’s the link, and here’s the text: Additionally, we have awarded two special prizes for the initiatives we considered groundbreaking. The VRM project lead by Doc Searls is from our point of view a very innovative approach to bring the … Continue reading

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Reliving virtual Munich

I missed Munich last week, at least physically. But I did get there virtually. There’s a video here of the keynote I gave (complete with slides — nice editing job there by Mike Deehan of the Berkman Center, who also … Continue reading

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Two posts

In Linux Journal, Is government open source code we can patch? And in the ProjectVRM blog, VRM is user-driven.

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Edge 2 Edge networking

Phil Hughes on Bob Frankson, applied in Estelí, Nicaragua:   In social-political terms, it means looking for a local solution and then growing that solution to connect to other resources. It seems like something that could be done, would be … Continue reading

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Jump! tonight

After brunch at Johnny D’s yesterday, we caught the Forbes Flyers — a rope jumping team of high schoolers from Torrington, CT — putting on an amazing demonstration of skill and enthusiasm, outside the Davis stop on the Red Line … Continue reading

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Continuing loss of Face(book)

So I decided to cave in and say yes to patients waiting in the accumulating pile of friend requests at my Facebook account. Haven’t been to Facebook in awhile, so I was also curious to see if “friending” has improved … Continue reading

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Splogment du jour

When a blog comment to an ancient post comes into moderation and it has no relevance to that post, and the English is awful, I’m figuring it’s a splog (spam blog) comment. So I kill it. The latest one killed … Continue reading

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