The $44.6 billion question

What happens if Microsoft buys Yahoo?

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6 Responses to The $44.6 billion question

  1. Mike Warot says:

    I don’t trust Microsoft with my photos. I’ll pull ALL of them off Flickr as soon as the deal happens.

    I’m already starting to invent the future, the post-flickr, post blogger, post typepad, decentralized future that allows me to do social networking without ANY corporate involvement.

    How? – I’m starting with strategically placed comments to get the ball rolling in terms of ideas.

  2. Nomen Publicus says:

    Microsoft + Yahoo = Microsoft

  3. I don’t know what you mean by ANY corporate involvement, given America’s bipolar for-profit and not-for-profit economic system. I prefer open-source solutions like Zimbra when available and turn to Creative Commons ones like Ning when not. It makes me feel like I’m participating in that thing CEOs now call creative capitalism, that last turn of the knife before we all retire in Euros.

  4. webnews says:

    I think Google’s pathetic complaint about the deal is the best part so far… Google owns search and advertising, so they whine that Microsoft/Yahoo would own too much email? Please.

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