Beyond the smartphone: the phrowser.

Justin Karp: iPhone crushes the competition. All of them. That post sources this post buy jkOnTheRun, which sources this post by Daniel Eran Dilger, which sources Canalys, which says nothing on its site. So the closest I can can get to the source is Daniel, who says,

  In its first full quarter of sales, the iPhone has already climbed past Microsoft’s entire lineup of Windows Mobile smartphones in North America, according to figures compiled by Canalys and published by Symbian. That puts the iPhone ahead of smartphones running Symbian, Linux, and the Palm OS, but behind the first place RIM BlackBerry. The figures mesh with retail sales data already reported by NPD, which similarly described the size of the US market with a 27% chunk bit out by Apple’s iPhone.

But I’m wondering if “smartphone” is the right category here. Because when I look at how people use their iPhones — and the way Apple has restricted most development (so far) to what you can put in a browser — it seems to me that the iPhone is really a new kind of phone/browser hybrid, which I suggest calling a phrowser.

Just checked whois. isn’t taken.

By the way, I got some hang time at the airport in Paris with one of the Swisscom engineers who worked on the job. He told me a new phenomenon at conferences is the huge number of iPhones that are contending for Net access over wi-fi alongside laptops. I suggest this also supports the phrowser categorization.

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5 Responses to Beyond the smartphone: the phrowser.

  1. PXLated says:

    Sorry Doc…Back to the drawing board, Phrowser will never catch on. Reminds me of Social Graph as no one will get it -(

  2. Sandmax says:

    Thats a terrible sounding name.. “phrowser”.. I phrown.. I mean frown down upon it. What would you call a frozen phrowser? or a locked-down phrowser.. a “lowser”? 🙂

  3. Shawn Swaner says:

    I paid good money to GoDaddy for the domain. It looks like I won’t be getting rich as a domain squatter. I will have to live with the consolation of knowing I beat out all the others while using a GPRS based phrowser as my web connection, while in India.

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