From wurst to best

Last year the Boston Celtics were so bad they lost 18 games in a row at one point. Now they’re On a pace to go 82-0. Which they won’t (they’re still just 5-0), but it’s a fun fantasy.

What’s weird for me is that I grew up as a Knicks fan. The Knicks-Celtics rivalry was a hot one, especially since the Celtics were perrenial champions and the Knicks were a doormat. The Knicks’ golden age, from ’69-’74 coincided exactly with my return to New Jersey from North Carolina after college. When I split back south again, Willis Reed retired and the Knicks began to tank. Now I’ve arrived in Boston just in time for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to join the Celtics and launch a new era. No causality implied; just good timing.

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2 Responses to From wurst to best

  1. sean coon says:

    you know i’m groaning through this post, doc.

  2. Doc Searls says:

    Well, Sean, at least you’re down there pickled in ACC coverage, which I envy.

    For my college hoops fix, I am now a Harvard fan, in large measure because the new coach there is former Dookie Tommy Amaker. (Who also played high school ball with my cousin Andy Heck, now an offensive coach with the Jacksonville Jaguars.)

    Mostly it’s cool to be in a major sports town again. Boston does rock that way.

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