Trick as treat

If that pumpkin brings to mind, there’s a good reason. The artist (it says here) is Glenn Chadbourne, scary illustrator for the scary author. I know King lives in Maine (and is highly associated with the state), and now (since I just looked him up) see that Chadbourne is quite the Maine dude too. (Which is why I just added the link for him.)

Anyway, all are part of a photo set from the trip, my first to Maine since I drove through there in 1967 with my college pal Barry Bourassa, whose contact info I have long since lost. I’m hoping he’ll look himself up one of these days, find himself mentioned here, and re-connect. Last I saw, he and his wife Cheri had a bed & breakfast up the coast somewhere, I think in Cherryfield. Not sure. Can’t find a sign of it when I try to look it up.

Anyway, the pumpkin above is 404 pounds, and I believe still stands on display in front of King Eider’s Pub, where we had an excellent lunch. There are other pumpkins, mostly of the carved sort (rather than painted like this one), in front of other business establishments up and down the main street of Damariscotta. If you’re in the area, check ’em out.

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  1. There are three listings for Barry Bourassa on Facebook, and many more on (in Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut).

  2. Doc Searls says:

    Thanks, Jackie. The Facebook finds are all false positives, but one of the Zabasearch results is likely to be Barry’s son, who goes by the same name. I sent him a note by way of Zabasearch, and we’ll see what happens. Good to know about the service.

  3. JTH says:

    Good stuff, whole clan was in Belfast/Searsport first of the month
    Nice maritime museum in Searsport, good art museum (Farnsworth) in Rockport or Rockland – Wyeth’s. NC / Andrew / Jamie

    Then up to Acadia Nat Park (Bar Harbor area)

    On our “to return to” list

    Other : Shirley started browsing your aerial photos… fell in love with your western ones


  4. Bruce Fryer says:

    Transplants, Inc. DBA: The Inn at Indian Point

    RR 1 Box 234C, Cherryfield 04622
    Bed & Breakfast
    Barry & Cheryl Bourassa

  5. Jim Cosgrove says:

    If you enjoyed the decorated pumpkins you’d really like the pumpkin races! On the Damariscotta River! It’s becoming quite and event.

  6. Doc Searls says:

    Bruce, you rock. Thanks for finding that.

  7. It took a friend of mine, Rich Fannoney, took look “myself” up and let me know you were inquiring about my whereabouts.

    We had given up on Maine for a number of reasons, sold everything and headed for the Dominican Republic in search of a beach bar. The result was a chicken restaurant, website listed here, which we have subsequently closed and sold.

    We are now back in Massachusetts, living with Barry Jr, Barry III and family. I had a new hip last March and have recouped well. Cheri is well also. She tried to e-mail you from the DR but was not sure where she sent it.

    Please e-mail me at the new address listed here. I have many more details and pictures.



  8. Rick Fleming says:

    Barry Bourassa! This is your cousin Rick Fleming. I can’t reach you at that e-mail address. Did you know Lee died? I would like to talk to you. How can we get in touch?

  9. Barry Bourassa says:

    Hi Rick,

    We suspected that Lee died because Nancy couldn’t get in touch with her. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find you either. You can reach me at or 781-588-6813

    Barry & Cheri

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