Running the numbers

At this point, this poor girl making a fool of herself on a Miss Teen USA broadcast has been viewed 13,135,234 times on YouTube. How many people saw the actual broadcast on TV? Anybody know?

6 responses to “Running the numbers”

  1. It’s kind of like when you find yourself staring at a car accident. There’s something about disaster that just fascinates us. However, there’s nothing about a beauty pagent that does.

  2. I saw the version with the transcript — that was not on TV, but a value-add put up by a blogger with too much time on their hands — but wait! I repeat myself!

  3. Reminds me of this ad:

    Wasn’t even made by the company it advertises, but was made on spec by an agency — but it got released into the wild and has now been seen by thousands — or more.

  4. George, you mean that video was never on TV? Not clear to me.

  5. Well, I think she has a future in politics.

  6. […] more cleverness: Doc Searls points out the idiot girl from South Carolina has been viewed more than 13 Million times on youTube now. A few million more views that the number […]

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