Skype takes baby bell steps, goes boom.

Skype is down. Worldwide. If Skype is your phone company, you get an interesting experience in a certain kind of absolute dependency — one we’re still all trying to work out.

So consider this practice for when the same thing happens to services provided by Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Flickr or any other central point of Crit-One failure affecting millions.

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6 Responses to Skype takes baby bell steps, goes boom.

  1. Seth says:

    Or when your phone, internet, and television are all running through the same cable wire and some tree decides to score a point for nature. You find yourself huddled on the couch with a bar-less cellphone(thanks to the rain) and a hand-cranked radio. Also, great practice…

  2. Leading says:

    Very funny first paragraph lol. Anything bad about google will be a worst news!

  3. JTH (Chip) says:

    Good reasons for a backup generator and collection of good books

    Or even laying in a stack of firewood, maybe a few bottles of beverage of choice, and, hopefully, a loving partner to share it with …


  4. Mark Smith says:

    While Skype was down, two Paypal payments for Skype credit went through on my credit card for around 28.75 Euros each. The payments certainly weren’t initiated by me. I’ve contacted Skype but no response yet. I haven’t heard of this happening to anyone else yet.

    Oh yeah and the credit on my Skype account hasn’t increased either.

  5. I”m sorry but I cant stand Skype. It takes up to many resources.

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