Appreciating Baltimore

I’m in Baltimore for about a week, enjoying good times with family. And with the city. In spite of all the publicity by Poe, Mencken, Levinson, Waters, and a pile of fine sports teams, Baltimore remains one of the most overlooked cities in the world — a singular center of shipping, education, industry, medicine, science, history, government, art, sports fanaticism and other signs of advanced civilization. All those virtues make for fun exploration, too. Which I’ve done every time I’ve come here.

Of course, I’ve shot pictures. Click on the one above (from Fort McHenry) for all 244 shots I’ve tagged “Baltimore”. In addition to photosets here, here and here, it includes shots from the sky — such as this one, taken at night from high overhead on a flight from Los Angeles to Boston.

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3 Responses to Appreciating Baltimore

  1. sheilagrady says:

    So, you made it to Baltimore; I see that you are getting an apt…the fire is turning out to be lots of ashes, huh? Tell us again what to do with ash…

  2. Doc, I know we have corresponded before, but I know I have mentioned about some places to grab a decent beer or food that are somewhat not on the traditional path in Baltimore. Besides, as a Baltimorean by birth (and still by choice), I cannot help but give my fair city a boost when it needs it.

    Please feel free to look me up if you have the time while visiting family. At the very least I can email some suggestions for food.

  3. lurkerfan says:

    I lost your blog for a couple of days & now have a new bookmark. Unfortunately, I find the new site much less readable than the old, FWIW. Could be my poor eyesight or my monitor’s poor display, but it’s rather annoying.

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