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Everybody should have a surprise birthday party as surreal and wonderful as this one

The scene above is what greeted me when I arrived at what I expected to be a small family dinner last night: dozens of relatives and old friends, all with of my face. For one tiny moment, I thought I might … Continue reading

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A milepost in an increasingly exclusive demographic club

Because I’m busy today, I’ll re-post what I wrote about my birthday five years ago, because it’s no less true now. Here goes… I worked in retailing, wholesaling, journalism and radio when I was 18-24. I co-founded an advertising agency … Continue reading

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Dear Apple, please make exporting “unmodified originals” easier. Thanks.

23 February 2023—I just noticed for the first time that dragging and dropping photos from the Photos app into a directory (folder) on my Mac now retains EXIF data. If I right click on a photo exported that way, the … Continue reading

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Heavy (but brief) weather

Here’s what flying in and out of Newark looks like right now: That storm is very heavy, but narrow. It’s going to wash over New York like a big wave. Hat tip to Flightaware.

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