Three new low power FM stations coming to Santa Barbara

I can’t help but notice — since I follow these things — that the FCC has issued construction permits for three low power FM (LPFM) stations in Santa Barbara:

  • KGSB/92.3, with a 100-watt signal radiating from one of KZER-AM/1250’s two towers east of the airport, and licensed to ST. RAPHAEL SCHOOL, 160 St Joseph Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93111-2367
  • KZAA/96.5, with a 100-watt signal radiating from roughly the corner of Calle Cesar Chavez and Montecito Streets, and licensed to LA CASA DE LA RAZA, 601 E. Montecito St., Santa Barbara, CA 93103
  • KVSB/96.9, with a 100-watt signal radiating from a corner of Salinas and Lou Dillon Lane on the east side of town, and licensed to:SOUTH COAST COMMUNITY MEDIA ACCESS CENTER, 329 South Salinas Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

That’s a lot for a town this size. I’ll be interested to see how those go. Also the new FM translators for AM stations in the market:

This completes our test of interest by anybody, even those who live in Santa Barbara, in stuff like this.

Thank you for listening.


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One Response to Three new low power FM stations coming to Santa Barbara

  1. David N says:

    Mr. Searls;
    YVW. I live in Santa Maria, beyond the range of these stations, but admire that you also find radio and interesting topic. I grew up with radio as our audio entertainment, we didn’t have many LPs or anything else.
    So when I asked at a Macworld when they were going to put a radio feature in the iPod, they kind of had brain block and were incredulous that anyone would want to listen to radio. Over time, I’ve discovered lots of music I like that I wouldn’t have otherwise, and felt a personal connection to DJs, and even called stations to make requests and win prizes.
    Perhaps not much radio left with personality these days. I listen to WBGO via iTunes stream. I used to be a member when living full time in Cliffside Park, and now am rebuilding our finances so will join again in future, but I do appreciate that they still have DJs who care about listeners, and about music, and put some thought into what the broadcast. I’ve flown by the tower many times, where they made the first FM broadcast. Sigh…

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