The Gospel According to ZZ Top

In mass this morning only two words the priest said during the homily stuck in my mind: it’s alright.

Because they called ZZ Top to mind. Specifically, the song Legs. It beginsShe’s got legs. She knows how to use them. Then the boys sing a bunch of other stuff over this repetitive throbbing riff that sounds like it’s made by thousand-pound bees. At the end of the first verse they sum things up with this: yeah, it’s alright.

A few months back I turned my sixteen year old son on to ZZ Top, starting with Legs, and he got a huge laugh out the alright thing. It might not be deep, but it’s still cool. Meaning: it’s alright.

Here’s the original music video, just so ya’ll know what MTV looked like, back in the decade.

Bonus link.

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2 Responses to The Gospel According to ZZ Top

  1. save says:

    ‘Hot for Teacher” next?

  2. Blippitt says:

    “Legs” is OK. Still, for my money, the best song from the ’80s version of ZZ Top was “Sharp Dressed Man.” Now THAT’S a guitar riff!

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