Opposites distract

Just discovered by Antipodr that Bermuda and Perth are antipodes: located at the exact other ends of the Earth from each other.

I’m in Melbourne, Australia, which is the antipode of a spot on the h of North Atlantic Ocean on Antipodr’s map. By the end of tomorrow I’ll be back in New York, a couple thousand miles west of there, after flying most of the way around the world on four different planes and three different airlines. New York’s antipode is a spot not far southwest of Australia — maybe about as far from the coast as Brisbane is from Sydney, as you can see from the upside-down image of North America on the amazing map around which this text wraps.

The map is from Wikimedia Commons, and illustrates perfectly how little land is antipodal from other land. The sum, in fact, is just 4%. As Wikipedia currently puts it, “The largest antipodal land masses are the Malay Archipelago, antipodal to the Amazon Basin and adjoining Andean ranges; east China and Mongolia, antipodal to Chile and Argentina; and Greenland and the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, antipodal to East Antarctica.”

Click on the map three times and you’ll find yourself at a large version of the map that lets you discover these other antipodes:

Those last three are the sum of U.S. antipodes, at least for the lower forty-eight. Most of Hawaii is antipodal to Botswana, while the northern edge of Alaska is antipodal to an edge of Antarctica. Same with the most northern parts of Canada.

So that’s a little fun in the early hours before my last day of meetings here. It’s been a fun trip.

A question on parting: Have the link piles been useful or interesting? They’ve been all I’ve posted on this trip, because it’s easy and I sometimes feel like sharing what I’m reading. But I’ve had just one piece of feedback so far, and it was negative. So, if you care, lemme know.

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9 Responses to Opposites distract

  1. Mic Edwards says:

    Doc … I see that your MIT/Singapore earth sandwich is documented as part of Ze Frank’s page at:


  2. Mic Edwards says:

    Ze also has an earth sandwich location finder with a much nicer interface than Antipodr:


  3. Mic Edwards says:

    As a Singapore resident, I’m particularly touched to be on the other side from Julian Assange’s home country of Ecuador.

  4. adgopal says:

    No, Perth is not as infamous as Bermuda triangle, but it has its share of few astonishing stories. I am not sure how you will look at the content. I found it chilling.


  5. Carla Berg says:

    Loved this piece as I write about “antipodes” (in other frames) and I follow distraction as an aspect of behavior change in a noisy world (neither of which echoes your points here, but non-linear idea sparking is a big part of cyber, no?) All of which leads me to note I love your links lists!

    Easy to skim headlines with content new to me served by another wide angle thinker like me is just my cup of tea. Please keep them coming!

    Carla B.
    (aka @innociter from @s4pm)

  6. David says:

    “Have the link piles been useful or interesting?”

    Yes thank you!

  7. _gms says:

    Doc, love the link piles, found them useful and interesting.

  8. “Have the link piles been useful or interesting?”

    Yes, very interesting. I do wonder, though, how you have time to both read and compile this data! FWIW, I too am trying to return to blogging (loved the long-form article from a few weeks ago).

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