Kidding around

Just discovered YouReputation while checking on what Drazen Pantic has been up to. (I met Drazen a decade ago while researching public Wi-Fi in New York for Linux Journal.) YouReputation is Drazen’s “viral search” engine. Here is the top result in a search for “John Hagel”:

Thu Aug 23 06:33:50 2012
Viral Probability: 0.7092
Sentiment: 31% POSITIVE0% NEGATIVE

Demographics prediction: 45-60
Pinterest / John Hagel’s followers
Jul 22, 2012 … John Hagel. I live and work on the edge – the views are breathtaking, the experiences deep and satisfying and the learning is limitless.
Viral Impact:  Sentiment: POSITIVE

Here are additional searches for Scoble, Robert Scoble, Jonathan Zittrain, IdentityWoman, Kaliya Hamlin, Stewart Brand, danah boyd, Drazen and myself. The one thing I love about this is that it says I fall in the same demographic as Scoble (18-30), and that both Scoble and I appear younger to Drazen’s algorighm than Robert Scoble (30-45). A few weeks back, on a Gillmor Gang, after getting some age-ist flack from Robert, I yelled back at him (like the juvenile I still am), “I’ve been young a lot longer than you have!” Stewart Brand, older than me in years, also comes in at 18-30.

Drazen is a mathematician as well as a hacker, which I’m sure is a big reason YouReputation exists. I just hope he doesn’t use these findings to tweak the results. Keep me young, okay?

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3 Responses to Kidding around

  1. for hardaway: Thu Aug 23 16:49:52 2012
    Viral Probability: 0.8293
    Sentiment: 19% POSITIVE, 3% NEGATIVE
    Demographics prediction: 30-45

    Clearly I’m perceived as older, and indeed I am (71). More interesting to me are negatives. But perhaps I’m being confused with Penny Hardaway:-)

  2. drazen says:

    Doc, thanks for posting this!

    As for the demographics, it’s the age of your readership i.e. people who link against your blog, books…etc..

    But, again we are all 25…


  3. Chip says:

    one of my favorite lines :
    What are you going to be IF you grow up?

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