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Keep North Carolina’s broadband market free

While arguments over network neutrality have steadily misdirected attention toward Washington, phone and cable companies have quietly lobbied one state after another to throttle back or forbid cities, towns and small commercial and non-commercial entities from building out broadband facilities. … Continue reading

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Why not link to sources?

A few minutes ago I saw¬†Stephen Hawking trending on Twitter, clicked on the link, and found myself on the Twitter Search page, where the two top tweets from news organizations were these: HuffPo’s link goes to a brief story with … Continue reading

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Three best shots

The Santa Barbara Arts Collective is looking for worthy photographs to hang in the Mayor’s office. And my friend Joe just called to suggest I submit some candidates. In my Flickr collection I have 3,928 shots tagged “santabarbara”, and¬†1,017 with … Continue reading

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The New Old Phone Business

Just about everybody I know who has heard about the sale of Skype to Microsoft has groaned about it. Myself included. No doubt it makes sense for the entities involved. eBay, various investors and the founders all make money on … Continue reading

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