Dorothy Parker quote question

So I’d like to find authoritative sources for two quotes. Here’s the first:

“I prefer the company of younger men. Their stories are shorter.”

No idea where I got that one. It’s too right not to be real, but I can’t a source yet. (That’s a job I’m giving ya’ll.)

The second quote I memorized instantly while reading a book, though I don’t remember which one.  (I’m guessing it was .) This is what Hughes said Parker wrote in a guest book at William Randolph Hearst‘s when the old man was still living with his consort, the actress :

“Upon my honor
I saw a madonna
standing in a niche,
above the door
of the private whore
of the world’s worst
son of a bitch”

Could be I’m one wrong about that one too. Dunno. Sources and corrections, anyone?

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3 Responses to Dorothy Parker quote question

  1. Doc Searls says:

    @AdamHertz tweets, According to, she didn’t actually write it; as proof said she’d never rhyme honor and Madonna.

    Doesn’t give the first source, though.

  2. jah says:

    Google books search.

    (edited by DS so it works here)

  3. M Wms says:

    Also at Google books, the opposite version of #1, a man saying it about younger women.

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